Dolly is ready to read the classics!

Today is March 5, 2015, which means it is World Book Day!! Grab a stack of your favorite books and enjoy reading them with a friend! Or head over to your local library or bookstore and discover a new favorite!

And if you are in a worldly mood, remember, there are wonderful writers all over the world who tell tales specific to their home countries, which is a great way to take your child into the world of other cultures, show them the sights and ways of life of a world different than their own!  There is no better way to explore and discover and enrich the life of your child than through a good book!



About The Author

Regina is a Scientist with her feet on the ground and a Mom with her head in the clouds. You can find her snuggled up with a pile of books and her real-life babydoll, "Dolly", the sugar to her spice! When she has free time, Regina can be found planning in great detail the agenda of her next spontaneous adventure with Dolly, or penning a sharp tongued letter to anyone that messes with her innermost circle. Bringing you practical advice received from other great moms regarding modern-day pregnancy and motherhood, dispensing words of encouragement, and most importantly, delivering honest reviews of all the children's stories in Dolly's Bookshelf!

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