There are plenty of other fish in the sea, but sharks are definitely the coolest! Filled will oodles of great info on this mystifying species, from how they are born, what their anatomy is like, to what they eat, you’ll learn it all, written in easy to understand lingo with humorous captions to lure you in (i.e. ‘Nom Nom” for the section on what sharks eat)! There are cool facts on every page! Did you know that sharks can detect electrical currents from other creatures? Or that some can walk out of the water? Did you know the smallest shark is the size of a pencil? Or that the fastest shark can swim 40 mph?! Betcha didn’t! But you will soon!

Author Owen Davey’s illustrations are exciting and detailed and full of bright, stimulating drawings that really kept Dolly engaged and interested throughout! They are also so visually sophisticated that they had me as a parent (and scientist) captivated as well! One of my favorite illustrations is that showing what a seal looks like versus what a surfer on a surfboard looks like, from beneath; it’s basically the exact same…That explains it! You are never too old to learn something new! This is a truly well done book that the whole family can enjoy! After reading this book you will definitely be “Smart About Sharks”!


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by far the coolest illustration! seal vs. human on surfboard!


yikes! shark teeth!



Smart About Sharks
Owen Davey
Flying Eye Books

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