Henry is a sweet little boy with even sweeter dreams! He dreams of sheep made of blueberries and bananas, a moose made of graham crackers and apples, an octopus made of a slice of orange, a turtle made of waffles, and more! His imagination in dreamland takes him to far off places made of fresh fruit and healthy snacks.

Author/illustrator Marla Osborn has truly made food come to life on the page! She has managed to create animals and their habitats purely from food; made of peels or slices, raisins for eyes! Then on top of the photos she’s drawn Henry, hanging from a pretzel stick tree to see the owl, swimming under the water to see the octopus and so much more! With each turn of the page, Henry grows hungrier and hungrier. Will his tasty dreams manifest on his breakfast plate?!

This creative and imaginative book has become a favorite of Dolly’s! She can recognize the familiar foods and animals she knows. This book is perfect for inspiring nutritious choices that even the pickiest eater will enjoy! Seeing the healthy foods got Dolly asking for them too- a bonus! We tried to create our own moose, seeing as how these playful food creations worked for Henry! The story is simple and fun and the food creations will have your belly rumbling to read it again! Pick up “Hungry Henry” today! And enter to win a copy below!




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Our take on “Hungry Henry”‘s moose! Not as pretty but just as tasty!

Hungry Henry
Marla Osborn
Blue Manatee
September 1, 2016

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